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What are the Best Tips for PTE Speaking?

  • Alfa PTE
  • 22 Jan 2021

The Pearson’s Test of English assesses your English competency on four specific grounds - Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. The PTE’s Speaking section comes first in the exam and comprises some of the most important and highest scoring questions. 

If you have attempted the free PTE mock test, you must be aware of the significance of the question types in the Speaking module. The various types include:

  • Read Aloud with a whooping 40­~45 marks and tests your Speaking and Reading skills
  • Repeat Sentence holds approximately 50 marks to evaluate your Listening and Speaking skills
  • Describe Image can fetch 20~25 marks while testing your Speaking skills
  • Re-tell Lecture with 20~25 marks by analyzing your Speaking and Listening skills
  • Answer Short Questions are not very scoring, and they contribute more to the Listening score

Thus, a good score in the PTE’s Speaking module can help you fetch a higher overall score in the actual exam. And as evaluated by many students, giving the free PTE mock test, practicing more with AI scoring can help improve the PTE speaking score. 

So, here are a few effective PTE tips & tricks that will help you grab higher marks in each question type in the Speaking section and eventually crack the PTE exam effortlessly. 

  • Read Aloud:
  1. Practice your Speaking skills & see the difference in scores with the free PTE mock test. Start reading the paragraphs with a loud and clear tone. Try to read & pronounce every word clearly.
  2. Don’t fake the accent. Speak in an accent you are most comfortable.
  3. Even if you realize you have made a mistake, don’t stop there. Continue speaking and try to keep your tone stress-free. 
  • Repeat Sentence:
  1. Listen to the sentence very carefully. Memorize the words as much as you can before you repeat them. 
  2. Before you speak, make sure to match your tone with that of the speaker’s. Practice enough with a free PTE mock test to sound confident without any hesitation, humming or repetition. 
  • Describe Image:
  1. Follow a pattern or a template to make your response smooth & fluent.
  2. Start the description with words such as a diagram, illustration, picture etc.
  3. Learn about various diagrams - pie chart, line graph, bar-graph
  4. Try to understand the information it wants to display
  5. Notice if the curve or bar is in increasing or decreasing order
  6. Accumulate all the data in your mind before you start speaking. 
  7. You have to talk fluently about whatever you can see in the image to get good marks.
  • Re-tell Lecture:
  1. Grab a pen and notebook while practicing this question-type as note-taking is an intricate part of the response.
  2. Listen carefully and note down the key points that the lecture is all about.
  3. Write down important keywords that will help you remember the basic idea behind it
  4. While recording tries to incorporate the main idea behind the lecture and the keywords that were used in it. 
  • Answer Short Question:
  1. Along with the Speaking and Listening skills, the question also tests your vocabulary & general knowledge.
  2. Even if you don’t know the right answer, keep answering anything you have in mind. Your wrong answer will deduct your Listening marks, but you will still score for Speaking, understanding and responding to it. 

Free PTE mock test is a great source to practice & implement the strategies learned during PTE preparation. These tips will not only help score higher but also improve your English language speaking and understanding skills drastically. 

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