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PTE Strategies

Clearing the Pearson’s Test for English or the PTE with a high score needs smart work as much as it needs hard work. Just studying every available best pte practice material thoroughly would not grant you a high score. You will need to learn expert strategies to crack this tough nut.

AlfaPTE has been inspiring and helping students to prepare themselves for the big battle for years now and have developed some remarkable PTE strategies that will help students to perform to the best of their ability and score a high percentage in the real PTE exam.

PTE Strategies to improve your score in Listening module of the PTE Test:

The Listening section of the PTE test involves listening to audio content, understanding and memorizing the ideas and facts behind it and later writing a summary on it, or identifying the correct options etc. Sounds quite difficult especially in the pressed moment when you have a tendency to forget everything.

Here are a few tips to clear the module with flying marks:

Invest more time to listening audios and understanding them thoroughly. While listening, pay attention to the author’s style, tone and mood.

Identify the basic idea behind the content, write down or underline primary keywords and supporting keywords.

While writing the summary, use the primary keyword once or twice and the supporting keywords twice or thrice only. Don’t stuff your content with too many keywords. Just a few points to state the facts and ideas behind the read text.

Learn to construct complex sentences without compromising on the meaning. According to PTE guidelines, you need to summarize an audio within 50-70 words. Learn proper usage of conjunction, paraphrases and adverbs to write a meaningful summary of the passage.

Most Important one - While you have time, practice. You can also watch our PTE Strategy Videos for some sample texts and practice tips.

How our PTE Strategies Videos can help you achieve a higher score in other modules of PTE exam?

You can watch our PTE strategies videos to learn about some more interesting and efficient PTE strategies which will teach you how you can score higher in individual modules in the actual PTE test.

Some of the general tips included are:

Re-check Your Grammar, Spellings and Vocabulary

A mistake in vocabulary or grammar can change the meaning of a whole sentence or even make a sentence completely meaningless. Pay attention to the spellings too. Spelling mistakes in an English language skill test is unacceptable.

Apply Your Knowledge and Experiences

While you take the test, for example a multiple-choice question, learn to predict the right answer without spending hours searching. Apply the experience you gain through practice and click on the most probable answer.

Review Your Answers

Before you submit, keep a little time to go through all the questions and answers. A review can save you a lot of mistakes at times.

To-The-Point Answers

Don’t blabber while answering. Keep it relevant, brief and direct.

Practice Reading and Speaking Aloud

Reading aloud and speaking in a clear voice is important. Learn to pronounce words, vowels and consonants correctly. Check on the tone and texture of your voice while you speak. Don’t repeat sentences. Practice reconstructing sentences if you need to.

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