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Practice on the go with Alfa PTE’s Mobile App - The Best PTE Practice App

We understand the importance of clearing the PTE exam for users. And to clear the exam, one needs to prepare for the PTE Academic test. To give our users the power to prepare at their own pace & convenience, we have brought the smartest PTE practice portal onto your smartphones in the form of Alfa’s PTE Practice App where you can now access all the Alfa PTE features on your phone from anywhere in the world.

  • One login/subscription will work uniformly on both the website & mobile app.
  • The application is powered by the same AI scoring algorithm as www.alfapte.com
  • The Alfa PTE mobile app is available in 22 languages to provide our users with an added advantage.
  • The dark mode feature allows the users to use the app with ease even in low-light conditions.
  • Application is available on the following platforms - PTE iOS App & PTE Android App

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How will the App help you?

Alfa’s mobile app is a free-to-download PTE Academic practice app with AI scoring and offers the following features to the users:

Practice all 20 questions on the go.

Assess your performance with the help of AI scoring

Take full mock tests with instant AI scoring.

Access the study tools like Templates, Predictions, Grammar, Vocab-bank & Score feedback

Follow a tailor-made study plan according to your requirements.

Watch our strategy videos for a better understanding of the PTE exam.

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