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Important PTE Academic Updates 2023, You CAN'T-MISS

  • Alfa PTE
  • 29 Mar 2022

Pearson is committed to continuous enhancement and innovation. And hence, the team at Alfa PTE conducted an extensive study into PTE academic mock tests and is constantly monitoring and analysing questions and performance to ensure that the mock tests provided on our platform work perfectly in sync with the actual exam. 

The team is always conducting experiments to make the mock tests better. Since PTE has made certain changes to the PTE Academic exam, the same ones can be found on Alfa PTE’s mock tests for student practice.

Sounds great? Let’s see what the latest 2023 updates are.

Latest Updates of PTE Academic 2023

  • PTE Academic Test Duration

The duration of PTE Academic has been reduced to two hours instead of three hours. The timeframe has been shortened. The candidates who sat for the exam on & after November 16, 2021 got to give the shortened format of the exam. But it is to be noted that the overall formation, the scoring scale remains unchanged.

  • Reduced Number of Questions

Since the time frame of the exam has dropped, it means that the total number of questions has also come down. PTE has done an amazing job by reducing the questions that used to take up a lot of time & in return would not give enough score on the card. Hence, test givers can now focus on the high scoring questions & aim to get the best out of them.

  • No Optional Break

The optional 10-minute break that used to be there during the exam has now been removed. So, once the Reading part ends, the Listening part would begin straightaway. This will help students get the exam done sooner. So, it needs to be kept in mind to go to the restroom and take a drink before the test beings!

  • No alteration in the type of queries

Yes, the number of total questions did get reduced but there have been no modifications in the types of questions that are asked within the PTE Academic test. All 20 question types are still there meaning that there will be no hindrance in the preparation of your test. No major modification in the technique with which you have been preparing for the test.

Alfa PTE has a broad range of resources available to help you prepare for this new format of the Pearson’s test. With the best PTE exam mock tests available, you can experience the test from home and get familiar with the new format too.

  • Score Reports

The score reports have been redesigned in order to improve the information of scoring and make it clearer. Enabling skills have been removed from the score card. Keeping this in consideration, Alfa PTE has introduced a Score Feedback feature through which a user will be able to receive feedback on a given mock test. This will surely help in understanding one’s performance & improving it for the actual exam.

There are no particular changes in which the exam is obtained or the precision of scoring. Also, the test won’t be hard or easier. Everything will be the same.

Bottom line

The Pearson's test which is accepted worldwide has made certain changes, but these changes won’t affect the test’s worldwide recognition such as with the governments for visas etc. Mock tests with similar quality, standards & scoring are being provided on Alfa PTE’s platform. 

The website & mobile app also offers you a wide range of practice material to improve your test performance. Now try out the latest format mock tests & get instant scores with the updated scorecard along with detailed score analytics & score feedback.