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How to Score Well in PTE’s Essay Writing?

  • Alfa PTE
  • 11 Dec 2020

Essay writing is a mandatory question type in all English language proficiency test. PTE Academic is no different. PTE Writing Module comprises of two question types:

  1. Writing a summary for a given Text or Paragraph
  2. Writing an Essay on a Given Topic.

Unlike the first type, the essay writing question determines a candidate’s writing potential and knowledge over standard English vocabulary, spelling, grammar and sentence structure.

Apart from these, the participant is also required to write an essay in 200-300 words in a particular format which should include:

  1. An Introduction
  2. Body, and
  3. Conclusion

So, to manage your time effectively it is always recommended to learn to use the best template for PTE essay writing.

How Scoring in PTE Essay Writing Question is Different from IELTS Writing Module?

  • The PTE Academic test usually contains 1 or 2 essay writing questions. Each question is allotted a time of 20 minutes. Candidates familiar with IELTS test pattern might find this challenging because IELTS essay writing questions are allotted a time of 40 minutes each.
  • Unlike IELTS, the essays written in PTE Academic are evaluated and scored by AI. So, scoring in PTE is much easier as compared to IELTS where answers are checked manually.
  • PTE scores candidates on 6 primary grounds:
  1. Content
  2. Form
  3. Grammar
  4. Spelling
  5. Vocabulary
  6. Linguistic Range

So, to score higher in the PTE test, the candidate needs to learn to excel in these grounds and properly practice using the best template for PTE essay writing. Since IELTS evaluation has human intervention, morals and humanity is also checked. So, if your essay is not persuasive enough, your score will get affected.

Strategies to Score Higher in Essay Writing Questions with the Best Template for PTE Essay Writing:

Read the Topic and understand the type of question it is. PTE essay writing can come in three different types:

  1. Agree-Disagree: An argumentative type question where you have to write content on either for or against the topic.

  2. Both-Sided: The essay content must be neutral type. This form of essay must contain content about both sides of the topic.
  3. Problem-Solution: You will be given a problem. Your essay must contain the most practical and feasible solution to the problem.
  • Each question is allotted 20 minutes within which you have to understand, plan, write, revise and submit the essay. Make sure to use the best template for PTE essay writing. It will save a lot of time and help you with a built-in format to write the essay in the correct form effortlessly.
  • Do not use bullets points. Essays must be written in Paragraphs.
  • While revising pay attention to grammar, spellings, vocabulary, tense, punctuation and words
  • Use simple sentences to clarify your point. Do not unnecessarily congest the paragraph with wordy sentences
  • Check for Typographic errors. AI assessment programs will penalize your essay for even a single typographic mistake.
  • Maintain the word limit. The essay must contain a minimum of 200 words and a maximum of 300 words.
  • Do not repeat the same point or topic again and again. Plan and structure your essay well before you start writing.
  • The essay writing fetches only 10 marks. Do not spend too much time on it. Enhance your time management skills with the best template for PTE essay writing.