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Essential Tips to Score High in PTE Examination

  • Alfa PTE
  • 16 Oct 2020

PTE stands for the Pearson’s Test of English designed to check the ability of non-native English speakers in spoken English and to test their knowledge of the English language. It is one of the most highly accredited exams by QCA, which is the world’s largest examining body. 

The article gives you the idea and specific PTE tips and tricks which will help you to clear the exam more efficiently with the higher scores.

Why PTE is More Popular Among Students? 

  • PTE academic exam structure is a fully-automated while IELTS involves manual evaluation.
  • PTE exam dates are easily available & does not require advance pre-booking.
  • PTE Results are made available to test-takers within 5 business days:
  • PTE exam is taken completely online while IELTS requires manually writing the exam and speaking.
  • PTE Academic is a new and more advanced test.

Here are some PTE tips and tricks to get a higher score in the examination:

  • Always concentrate on your fluency when speaking & make smaller delays when you experience accentuation marks like comma and full stop. The pauses at full stops should be marginally longer than that on commas.
  • Avoid re-correcting the errors made as it will show that you are fumbling.
  • Try paying attention to intonation. Get comfortable with speaking in English and try saying words without any stresses.
  • In Writing, ensure you don't repeat a similar point again and again. When you start an argumentative essay, create it, present points in support of your argument & close it afterwards. Try not to extend bouncing to it in the resulting sections. 
  • It will take sometime to improve one’s Reading skills. Therefore, it is recommended for the students to develop a daily reading habit. Make note of any difficult or unfamiliar words that you come across while reading.
  • In any reading that you do, begin understanding how sections and paragraphs are related to one another. This expertise is in the middle of the reorder section question type. Begin viewing how sections change beginning with one then onto the next. Try avoiding typing errors. These are the unknown errors made during typing, which can be avoided while proofreading the essay.
  • Try reading the questions twice before answering as a lot of times it happens that the information needed is provided in the passage itself.
  • In questions like Write from Dictation, the approach we recommend is usually a combination of all these methods. While typing, instead of typing down the whole words, you can just make note of the initial or the first few letters of each word. You can follow the same strategy while taking notes in your rough scratchpad. 
  • It is very important to learn the PTE tips and tricks & implement them correctly to secure a better score.


There are plenty of PTE tips & tricks in each question that one needs to learn to apply correctly. Just learning these tricks & not practicing them will not benefit a student to achieve the required score.