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How to Prepare for PTE Academic in the most Efficient Manner?

  • Alfa PTE
  • 25 Dec 2020

Successfully cracking Pearson’s Test for English Language competency is a child’s play if you are aware of the various strategies and know how to prepare by yourself adequately.

There is a wide range of material available on the web for PTE study online, but they are not solely sufficient to yield the desired result. 

To cut the story short, you need more than just English knowledge. You require a calculative strategy to prepare yourself to win on the final day.

Let us look into some of the most effective ways to study for PTE that will help you achieve your desired score. 

  • Study Plan:

PTE has extensive course material and covering each section within a limited time is quite challenging. Moreover, enhancing your English skills doesn’t happen overnight. You will have to practice and review the results repeatedly. You will find yourself making new mistakes every-time, which will result in a lack of concentration. 

Remember, PTE is a time-bound test. You will have to answer within a stipulated timeframe. If you consult a PTE expert, they can help you plan a timetable for PTE study online. 

Following an organized pattern of studying makes it easy to learn and remember elements. 

  • Read PTE Blogs and Watch Strategy Videos:

PTE tutorials, blogs and videos are a great source & provide with a lot of helpful tips and strategies. These strategies have been tried & tested by PTE experts.

These blog posts and videos are a collective saga of the issues students have faced in the real PTE test and the remedies that have been offered by the experts.

Apart from reading these blogs and watching the videos, it is also essential to implement them in your preparation of PTE study online. It gives a huge opportunity to identify your weak points and start working on them.

For example, you may be good in grammar, but your vocabulary knowledge is weak. Start reading books and online materials to improve your stock of vocabulary. 

  • Understand the Scoring Pattern when you prepare for PTE Study Online:

There are 20 variants of question-types in PTE Academic. Some evaluate your reading skills; some your writing while others test both your speaking and listening skills.

While you undertake PTE study online, understand and learn about each question type thoroughly. It will help you to know which parts that particular question needs your attention.

Furthermore, each question holds different marks and scoring patterns. Some questions if answered correctly can fetch you about 50% marks while some questions like multiple choice questions or select missing words can only add up 1 or 2 marks to the overall score. 

Highest scoring questions include Repeat Sentence, Read Aloud, Write From Dictation and Reading & Writing Fill in the Blanks. So, make sure to repeatedly practice them until perfection and invest the least time possible in the less scoring ones. 

Learn to work within the chaos:

Everyone is habituated to study in a comfortable, cozy and silent place. But PTE test centers fall nowhere under the cozy or silent definition. First of all, you will not be alone to give the test.

There will be many other students sitting around you. The place could get extremely noisy with the sound of vigorously tapping keyboards, people speaking in their microphones etc.

Moreover, PTE is a time-intensive test where each second is crucial. It is a big struggle for students to concentrate in such a lousy scenario. But here is the clue. To score high in PTE come out of your comfort zone & challenge yourself. 

PTE study online will give you exposure to hundreds of quality material. Practicing on the available material as much as you can, time management and being calm & composed while attempting the exam in the chaos will help you perform better on D-day.

Know about the PTE AI scoring fundamentals:

Any professional PTE trainer can introduce you to the automated AI scoring pattern in PTE study online. Devoid of any human connections, the programmed evaluator bot or algorithms will score your answers depending on the accuracy of the content.

So, resist yourself from incorporating human emotions, feelings or sentiments while you answer questions like essay writing, summary writing, etc. 

Practice giving to-the-point and correct answers to get full marks on the question. 

If you look a little deeper, PTE is much easier to score than other English language tests. All you need is the right strategy, right guidance and a reliable practice platform. 

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