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Which are the Top 4 Scoring Questions in PTE?

  • Alfa PTE
  • 11 Dec 2020

Unlike other English Language competency exams, PTE Academic is an automated AI scoring enabled test. The scoring pattern in a PTE exam is regulated by a complex Artificial Intelligence algorithm that delivers objective, accurate and relevant English skill test results.

Thus, aspirants who are working hard to achieve a high score in the PTE Academic exam should also work smart and learn the PTE tips and tricks that will help them reach their goals quickly and effortlessly.

The PTE test is designed to test a candidate’s overall English language proficiency which includes their ability to understand, read, write, listen and interpret the language used for daily communication. Thus, the question set for the test comes in 20 different types of questions with different scoring patterns and marks.

Learn the PTE Tips and Tricks to Score Higher in the PTE Examination

  • The PTE Academic Questionnaire is made up of 20 different types of questions in 4 different modules:
  1. Reading
  2. Writing
  3. Listening
  4. Speaking
  • Among these 20 questions, there are some questions which fetch about 20-30% of marks. It is relevant to balance your time while attempting these questions. Some of these question types are:
  1. Repeat Sentence
  2. Read Aloud
  3. Reading & Writing Fill in the Blanks
  4. Write from Dictation
  5. Summarizing Spoken Text
  • The PTE question paper also has questions which contribute an average of 10 marks or even less in the PTE overall score. If you follow the PTE Tips and Tricks, you will know it is not worthwhile to spend an excessive amount of time on these questions. Questions that score less include:
  1. Multiple Choice Questions
  2. Select Missing Words
  3. Highlight Correct Summary
  4. Re-order Paragraphs
  5. Answer Short Questions

Learn About the Highest Scoring Questions with PTE tips and Tricks:

If you wish to score high marks in the PTE examination, then it is essential to concentrate on typically 4 question types which contributes about 50% in the PTE overall score. The questions that bear the maximum marks are:

1) Repeat Sentence:
This second question in the Speaking section and is on the 50 marks scale. The average number of questions is usually 10. If you can answer the question correctly, you score can score very high marks.

2) Read Aloud:
Another high scoring question in the Speaking module. The average number of questions to attempt is usually 5 and you can bag a score of about 44 in this part.

3) Write from Dictation:
If you have an ear for details, then this is the question you must attempt. An average of 3 questions to answer, you can score a up to 45-50 marks by listening to the audio once and writing it down as correctly as you can.

4) Fill in the Blanks in the Reading Section:
There are 3 fill in the blanks type of questions in the PTE exam. But this one from the Reading module can get you an instant 45 marks from an average of 6 questions.

PTE Tips and Tricks can only show you the best path to reach your ultimate goal. But an improved score is only attained through learning, practice and persistence. So, don’t stop practicing the mock questions until you reach the desired score on the final examination day.

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