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Guide for the Preparation of Read Aloud

  • Alfa PTE
  • 29 Oct 2021

Read Aloud PTE is a pretty straightforward task that contributes majorly to both speaking and reading modules. While doing a read-aloud, you need to analyse, recognize and record yourself where your pronunciation, intonation and pitch play an important role. In the PTE exam, there are 20 question types of which reading aloud is the first one.

How is the PTE Read Aloud Score Evaluated?

There are about 5-6 questions, and the length of the paragraph can differ in terms of the number of words. The scoring pattern is based on three characteristics:

  • Content

Content provides you with marks for the reading section. It is a very important factor as the marks contribute to the PTE’s reading section. The insertion and removal of the word can hinder your marks negatively.

  • Oral Fluency

Oral Fluency is very important & grants you marks in the Speaking module. The phrasing & fluency, a rhythm that decides your score whereas nervousness and repetition adversely target your marks.

  • Pronunciation

Pronunciation also is equally important & contributes marks to the Speaking score. The scoring here is dependent on the factor of whether you have pronounced a word correctly for the system to understand.

How to Improve Your Score in PTE Read Aloud?

  • A Quick Glance Through the Text

You get around 35-40 seconds of preparation time and if you practice well, the time is enough for you to go through the content and that’s what we called skimming through the text. It helps you to know the meaning of sentences and you can also figure out hard words. Also, it lets you know the keywords in the sentence.

  • Look Out for Intonations

Read Aloud PTE targets the scoreboard on the basis of intonation, fluency and pronunciation. When you go through the text, you ensure that you take full stops, commas, and semicolons seriously and don’t neglect it. It might adversely affect your scoring.

  • Utter in Your Natural Voice, Don't Fake Accent

You don’t have a native accent & neither is your fluency, pronunciation like the native speakers. That doesn’t matter as PTE read aloud doesn’t rank you primarily on that factor. Hence, you do not need to fake an accent while doing the Speaking module. You just need to make sure that you speak properly with the right tone, neither too fast nor too slow. Finally, you should speak and be confident enough.

Dos and Don’ts for Speaking tasks:


  • Try to pronounce the difficult words.
  • Skim through text during preparation time.
  • Be careful about the intonation and keep up the natural flow.


  • Continue with your speaking if you make a mistake. Don’t correct it.
  • Repetition and nervousness are a big NO.
  • Strictly avoid the insertion of new words.

Tips for PTE Read Aloud!

  • Practice and practice more.
  • Keep going, if you mess up. Don’t stop and go back to correct.
  • If you don’t know how to pronounce a word, move on.

To sum up:

A Read Aloud PTE section is a very crucial task in the exam but you can get a better score with a lot of practice. There is no other choice – if you need to score more - then practice as much as you can. Go through the prediction questions and practice all the patterns before the exam. AlfaPTE offers you the best practice material along with the guide of scoring high in PTE.

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