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Improve PTE Summarize Written Text Score

  • Alfa PTE
  • 04 Aug 2021

PTE summarize written text has been an infamous section. Summarizing is a daunting task and that too when the time is limited. Phew!! Stiff Mountain to climb right? Relax, stay till the end for the best PTE tips & tricks. 

A majority of the candidates get scrambled in PTE’s Summarize Written Text because of an absence of comprehension of the English language and lack of practice. You can find free PTE practice at Alfa PTE. And if you want to score 79+ then keep on reading for the best PTE tips & tricks to ace the summaries section. 

Best PTE Tips and Tricks to improve PTE Summarize Written Text’s Score

  • Keep Your Answer Crisp:

It's tough to construct a single sentence between 5-75 words. Remember that your answer should start with a capital letter and end with a full stop. So, remember to keep your answer to the point.

  • Don't Write Your Ideas:

The paragraph may contain any topic and if you have additional information regarding the topic, then do not include that. For instance, you are a history major, and the topic is about history, then do not write additional information regarding the topic. All the information that you require is there in the actual paragraph. 

  • Two-step Reading:

Read the paragraph twice. During the first reading, understand it's meaning. During the second reading, write 12-15 keywords and phrases and avoid supporting details. This will give you the crux of the paragraph.

  • Use Connectors:

While writing complex statements, use connectors. Remember the word FANBOYS which means For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So. These connectors will provide a proper structure to your answer which will make sense while reading and help you to finish the answer in one sentence. 

  • Don't Copy the Whole Statement:

Write the answer in your own words and use synonyms for the words used in the paragraph. For instance, if in the paragraph 'avoid' is used then in your answer you can use 'prevent'. 

  • Don't Make Reference to the Paragraph:

Your answers shouldn't contain a reference to the paragraph such as "The paragraph/text states….". 

  • Correct Grammar and Vocabulary:

Ensure that you place articles (a, an, the) in the appropriate places. If you are unsure about a word or phrase, then it is ideal to substitute it with another. Try not to include a large number of details as it makes framing the sentence difficult. Remember to use correct grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation marks. Use semi-colon and commas at the right places. 

  • Practice and Evaluate:

It is ideal to practice summary writing to improve your score. Practice every day and within weeks you will see a huge improvement. You can use Alfa PTE's free practice tests to practice. Also, evaluate your answer and ensure that you do not repeat the same errors the next time. 

Final Thoughts

Hope that these tips will help you in understanding better ways to write summaries. Remember to follow these tips and you will definitely achieve a high score. For more Free PTE Practice and PTE tips & tricks, browse through Alfa PTE.