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Best Tips: How To Increase PTE Academic Writing Score?

  • Alfa PTE
  • 12 Feb 2021

Pearson Language Tests (PTE) is a desktop-based scholastic English language test that seeks non-native English speakers wanting to study or settle in a foreign land. The examination carries out trials in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. 

The whole test in a solitary meeting, enduring 3 hours, is taken by sitting on a desktop in a suitable exam environment. Your recorded voice will be forwarded to higher officials for marking. The best thing about the examination is that the result comes out in only 5days. 

Preparation of PTE Exam

Firstly, the up comers have to recognize feeble focuses and work on them during the preparation. Further assistance can be provided with the help of the PTE Tutorial

Candidates can also reference the PTE scholastic exam papers, which helps recognize the frail focuses and makes them mindful of the test design. The candidates will also have to practice time management, which is a big factor in these examinations. 

While working on the PTE scholastic mock tests, the candidates also have to put themselves in a timed situation and inwardly prepare themselves for the test. 

The mock test introduces the candidates to the test pattern by simply giving them a hint of the certified PTE result, so the candidate can all more promptly focus on their deficits and improve them. Candidates can also take help from various PTE reference books.

Format of the PTE Examination

To take the test, the candidate must go to a secure Pearson examination centre, where the candidate will be given a desktop and a headset. As we all know, the examination is divided into four modules, so the PTE Exam Format is as follows:-

  • Reading and Writing 

In this exam, the candidate firstly has to give a personal introduction. Then comes the re-tell lecture part. In this task, the examiners will play audio of 60-90 seconds, during which you have to focus and take notes. Once the recording stops, the candidate has to speak about what was in the audio. 

This test also includes answering short questions, writing essays, and many more things. This test focuses on your reading, writing, and speaking skills. The total time allotted is 75-95 minutes.

  • Reading

In this exam, the candidate will be provided with a passage of 100-110 words. After reading the exam, the giver will get a 10-minute break, after which they will have to solve some questions related to the passage. 

Candidates are then asked to solve numerous types like MCQs, fill in the gaps, etc. This exam focuses on your reading skills. The time allowed is 30-40 minutes.

  • Listening

In this task, the examiner will play audio; after listening to the audio, the candidate must write a summary of 50-80 words within 100seconds. This task is to be finished within 40-50 minutes.

To Sum It Up

In this article, we have talked about PTE exam preparation and how to score good marks. One who will attend the PTE Tutorial can easily understand the PTE Exam Format can score good marks compared to others. 

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