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Simple Tips to Crack Describe Image Question in PTE

  • Alfa PTE
  • 31 May 2021

It is sometimes surprising to see that even the most profound speaker is not able to perform well in the describe image task. During the preparation time you get, you need to understand the image thoroughly, think critically, and deliver fluently with proper grammatical and relevant sentences within the allotted time of 40 seconds. 

So, the question arises that are there any PTE tips & tricks that will help? The answer is Yes. 

You must be prompt while responding to this question type & prepared before the task is starting. Some images have a lot of content in them, but still, students get confused about what to speak & how to speak, while some images have just nothing much & to extract useful content from such an image data in a short period is a tough task. 

This makes Describe Image a challenging task & unless you are well prepared with proper study strategy and PTE Exam Format, you might struggle with this question type.

PTE Tips & Tricks to Ace Describe Image Task

  • Avoid Unusual Pauses

One of the important things you need to keep in mind is to avoid breaks & maintain fluency. Don’t use fillers like “umm”, “err” etc. It is better than if you keep yourself ready with a set of given sentences or templates to stay well planned and prepared. 

It can prove to be very useful in instances when you are not sure of what to speak or how to start speaking in any of the tasks.

  • Maintain a Good Pitch

Whenever you are practicing, try to record your response in the microphone & see if you were loud enough. You don’t need to shout, but the voice should be loud enough for the microphone to record & clear enough for the AI system to process.

  • Don’t Correct or Repeat Yourself in Between

If you fumble or stumble on any word, don’t stop yourself in the middle of the task as this will affect your fluency, which is one of the most important aspects in Describe Image. Continue expressing your answer until the end of the recording. Keep in mind that stumbling or every unusual break, baffling is counted as a mistake by the system during the exam.

  • Do not Try to Forge the Accent!

Never try to enforce an accent that is not natural to you as this may harm you. You should remember that the PTE test is not for the native speaker, so it is not necessary to copy the accent of native speakers. It might not work well for you.

  • Do not Waste Time in Reading the Instructions

Now you have analysed the PTE Exam format thoroughly and you know that only 25 seconds will be provided before your explanation starts recording. Don’t spend half of your time reading the given instruction, instead focus on the given image, graph or table and utilize your best time there. As soon as your recording begins, start speaking.

  • It is not Possible to Describe Everything

Do not try to demonstrate every bit of information shown in the image. Just analyze thoroughly an image and record the main point with a proper beginning and ending.

Lastly, you need to practice a lot of Describe Image tasks as it is the only trick to perform well in your test. Keep these PTE tips & tricks in mind to score efficiently in the exam.

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