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PTE’s Writing Summary Tips: Become A Successful Summarizer in Simple Steps!

  • Alfa PTE
  • 16 Jan 2022

The PTE exam is essential for everyone who wants to study or settle in Australia. Summarizing written text is the first task in the PTE’s Writing module. It is an easy task to score and helps in contributing to the overall score. As the name itself says, you have to summarize a given paragraph into a one-sentence summary. The time duration of this task is ten minutes.

Summarize written text demands complete focus and concentration. And with the help of PTE tutorials, you may train for the best results. A paragraph of 150-200 words is included in the test, which you must read and summarize in 5 - 75 words under the allotted time of 10 minutes. In just one sentence, you should cover most of the key points.

Become an Effective Summarizer with These Simple Steps!

To make the best PTE practice, here are some of the tips to boost your PTE preparations. Let’s get to know a few tips to get the maximum score in the summarized written text.

Learn to use more complex sentences

As per the guidelines, you have to summarize the passage and write it in one sentence of 5 - 75 words. So, it becomes necessary for you to write complex sentences. But complex sentences tend to attract more errors. So, it is important to learn how to write these complex sentences without any grammatical errors. The correct use of punctuations, capitalization, conjunctions, and adverbs to combine the sentence will get you full marks!

Write only one sentence

In the pressure of the exam, students forget to summarize the given paragraph in just one sentence. They put a full stop in between and start a new sentence. If you do so, your response will get disqualified & no matter how well you summarized it, there will be a zero scored for that particular summary. 

Punctuations are a key in this task & hence, it is important to start the sentence with a capital letter, end with a single full stop, and not exceed the word limit. Take advantage of PTE tutorials to make the best practice.

Do not Forget FANBOYS!

FANBOYS refer to

F - for

A - and

N - nor

B - but

O - or

Y - yet

S - so

These are the connectors that can help you write complex sentences more effectively. It is very important to know where to put articles or punctuations in a sentence. Your summary should be grammatically correct.

Two-Step reading

Reading the paragraph carefully is a very crucial step in this task. Read the paragraph carefully one time and try to understand the central point and the feel of the passage. Read it for the second time and note down a few keywords and phrases that throw light on the meaning of the paragraph.

This PTE practice will help you get a clear idea of the meaning of the paragraph, so you can summarize it precisely. 


Endless practice and making it a habit to recognize significant points and summarize them will get you the maximum score. Our PTE Practice tests will help you enhance your writing skill and help you practice effectively to ace this task in the exam!