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Common Mistakes to Avoid in PTE’s Speaking Section

  • Alfa PTE
  • 04 Aug 2021

If you know the PTE exam format, then you must know that the speaking section is an important area. This has made candidates apprehensive particularly those who are not native speakers of English.

It has been seen that the majority of candidates do well in other sections, yet they lose scores in the PTE speaking section. 

PTE is a computer-based test so you simply need appropriate strategies to acquire the best grades on the test. You can give Alfa's PTE speaking mock test to check your score and understand your strengths and weaknesses. 

This PTE speaking mock test has been designed by keeping in mind the PTE exam format. If your score is low, then it means you are making mistakes and you need to avoid them. Keep scrolling to learn more.

Mistakes to Avoid in the PTE Speaking Section

  • Microphone Position: 

One of the fundamental errors made by the candidates is the wrong position of the microphone. Experts suggest that the microphone should be placed in between the nose & mouth. Also, you can test the microphone before the test to ensure that it is working.

  • Speaking Fast:

If you are a native speaker, you may become overconfident during the speaking test. Or, if you don't know the answer you become nervous. During these situations, you may be talking quicker than what is considered as an ordinary speed which impacts your fluency. It is accordingly suggested that you should talk at a normal speed, neither too quick nor too slow.

  • Not Using Academic English:

People use casual or formal terms in their everyday life. For instance, instead of 'going to' they may use 'gonna' which isn't right. 

Nonetheless, in the PTE test, you are relied upon to utilize academic English. So, make sure to use a wide display of academic words. 

  • Taking Breaks and Using Fillers:

There are chances that you begin stressing over what the next part is when talking a sentence and stop in the middle. This will bring down your score for Oral Fluency.

Try not to stop in the middle, complete your sentence, whatever the circumstance is. If you forgot any point, you could incorporate it later on. You can increase your oral fluency score by using complete sentences. 

If you haven't planned your answer, you will make an error of using fillers, like 'aah' or 'umm' in your sentence. You may also use fillers when you are nervous, so remain calm. Thus, avoid fillers and take sufficient time to decide what you will talk about before answering. 

  • PTE Speaking Mock Test:

Candidates do not take enough PTE speaking mock tests nor do they understand the PTE exam format. You must give multiple mock tests before you give the exams as it will provide enough practice to you. 

Final Thoughts

Hope after reading these common mistakes, you will avoid them. For further assistance with PTE exams, you can register on Alfa PTE and prepare in the right way to achieve your target score. 

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