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Successful Ways to Improve Your Score in PTE Speaking

  • Alfa PTE
  • 21 Jul 2021

One of the mandatory requirements for studying in a foreign university is passing the entrance exam. However, not all universities conduct their entrance test. Furthermore, they will accept your admission if you score well in a global exam like the PTE exam. This exam centralizes your English language ability. Thus, it is accepted by many educational institutes.

Therefore, you need to have a deep insight into the process and preparation strategy of the exam. This article aims at giving you guidance regarding the PTE speaking mock test. So, without exaggerating, let us focus on the central part.

What is the Format of the PTE Exam?

PTE exam comprises of three sections, namely – speaking & writing, reading and listening, The former two sections are rather more discussed than the latter one. 

However, there are still many people out there who are hesitant to speak or lack proper communication skills. Unlike the other two, you cannot just mug up the academic stuff and be patient in the speaking section. It requires rigorous practice and effort. 

How to Hone Your Speaking Skills for PTE Exams?

Just remove the idea of fear of public speaking out of your mind, and you are good to go. Here are some steps which you follow religiously to ace your speaking ability. 

  1. When you are studying for your reading part, make sure that you should speak it out loud whatever you are reading. It will also help you in saying more articulately and will reflect your clarity of mind.
  2. The same goes for listening. Whenever you listen to any sort of video or audio while you are practicing, keep in mind to recite it verbally. Try to imitate the voice of the audio, video, or otherwise. It will help you to develop your speaking style and personality. 
  3. Try to talk in English in your every mundane day. The more you speak, the better you will become your quality. 

Adopt a Suitable Methodology for Improving Your Speaking Test in the PTE Exam.

Apart from practicing regularly, you should also follow some conventional rituals because it will give you the actual experience of the exam. Attend and give PTE speaking mock tests that are available on various PTE websites & language academy PTE mock tests.

They are of indeed great help. Ritually follow the mock test as it will help you to acknowledge your weaker and stronger areas. Consequently, divide time on that basis. Such mocks also help you to know your real-time score and rank in the whole world. 


On the final day of the exam, don’t get anxious. In case you don’t know a sure answer, skip it. By doing so, you will not mess up with your mind, and it will save your time too.

PTE exam is not at all challenging; many people have cleared the exam by focusing and practicing. You can indeed become one of them; just have faith. Maintain regularity in your PTE preparation, stay sincere and take the leap.

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