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Listening: Multiple Choice, Single Answer

  • Alfa PTE
  • 18 May 2020
   About Multiple Choice, Single Answer
After listening to an audio, a student will have to answer a multiple-choice question on the content or tone of the text by selecting one response.
For this item type, you need to listen to the recording and answer the multiple-choice question
  • Task - After listening to a recording, answer a multiple-choice question on the content or tone of the recording by selecting one response.
  • Skills assessed - Listening
  • Prompt length - 30-60 seconds

The audio begins to play automatically. You are only able to listen to the audio recording once.

There are several possible response options but only one is correct.

To select an option click on it using the left button on your mouse. If you change your mind, left-click on the option again to deselect it, or left-click on a different option.

The option you select is highlighted in yellow.

  Test Tips:

Focus on the kind of information you need:

For listening multiple-choice questions, the main part of the question tells you what to listen for. Being aware of the focus of the question will help guide your listening.

For example, it will tell you whether you are listening for the main idea: What was the main cause of the company’s collapse?

Or listening for some supporting information or details: What aspect of past transport policy does the speaker mention?

Or listening for an inference drawn by the speaker: What does the speaker suggest that the factory may have to do?

Or listening for the speaker’s purpose: Why does the speaker talk about the fall in car ownership?

Skim the question and answer options before you listen to understand the topic:

In the 5 seconds before the recording begins, quickly read the question and answer options to make sure you understand the topic.

For example, in the sample, the question shows that the speaker will talk about the future, and the options show you they all include the word ‘media’. So you are listening to hear what the speaker thinks will happen to the media in the future.

How this question is scored:
Your response for Multiple-choice, Choose Single Answer is judged on your ability to Your response is scored as either correct or incorrect. No credit is given for no response or an incorrect response.
  • This question type affects the scoring of only listening.
  • Your speaking and writing skills are not tested with this question type, and your reading skills are only used to read the instructions, prompt, and response options.

Source:  https://pearsonpte.com/

 Tips By ALFA:

 Read the question and then pick a few words from each option. Together this will help you to understand what the audio is going to be about. If you know a few words from each option, you will know what specifically you are listening to.


 When the audio starts, try to understand the theme and how the audio related to the question and the options.  You are not listening just for the sake of it. You are listening to identify or validate some specific information.


 Take notes whenever you hear some important pieces of information – event, person, place, an explanation, a specific detail, etc. These are the important bits in audio.


 As you listen, keep your eyes on the options. Your goal is to shortlist some of these options. Validate them as you get more information from the audio. When you hear a word that relates to an option, try to judge if it makes that option right or wrong. Remember! This is just a short list. This is not the final selection. So select your answer during the audio.


 Once the audio ends, click next. Do not waste your time on this as it is not very scoring.