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Effective Tips and Strategy for PTE Essay Writing

  • Alfa PTE
  • 11 Aug 2021

The PTE writing section can be scary, particularly the essay writing task. 

Writing an essay is considered to be an art, even native English speakers struggle with it. A majority of the candidates want to know the "right" approach to write an article.

They want the best template for PTE essay writing, yet sadly there never is just one answer.

The main thing to comprehend about essay writing is that it should be finished in a PTE-specific format. You can do online PTE practice and learn more about it.

Embracing this format will showcase your ability to put together composing thoughts in a reasonable, consistent and grammatical way. 

Considering this, we would like to share with you some effective tips and strategies for PTE essays. Use these tips during PTE and ace your exams! 

Tips and Strategies for PTE Essay Writing

  • Keep It Simple:

Sentences that are long and complex, with tons of punctuations are your real enemy. The more you attempt to expand your sentences, the almost certain you will be to commit punctuation and grammatical errors.

The test assessors are searching for sentences that are clear, consistent and logical. Therefore, keep it simple. Instead of searching for the best templates for PTE essay writing, try different templates and then select the one in which you are able to write in a simple form. 

  • Plan Your Points:

Many individuals use up all available time writing their PTE paper since they adjust their arguments and then plan to change everything mid-way. You can take five minutes, in the beginning, to write down all the points so that the writing process becomes easy. You can do PTE practice of writing points for topics to get the hang of it. 

  • Use the Best Template for PTE Essay Writing:

Candidates want to know the best template for PTE essay writing. Please do not use the standard 5-para template as it will take a lot to write. We have selected 2 templates to make things easy for you. 

Template 1:- Weigh the Arguments

1st paragraph - Introduction

2nd paragraph - Arguments for the topic

3rd paragraph - Arguments against the topic

4th paragraph - Conclusion (tell your opinion of which side is more convincing)

Template 1:- Agree or Disagree

1st paragraph - Introduction

2nd paragraph - Argument 1 

3rd paragraph - Argument 2 

4th paragraph - Conclusion (summarize both arguments)

  • Improve Your Vocabulary: 

It is necessary to know the vocabulary that PTE is testing you for. To improve it, start reading newspapers, books, articles, etc. and learn 10 new words daily for few months and see the change in your vocabulary. 

  • Practice, Practice, and Practice: 

Practice makes a man perfect. You need to take up PTE practice of essay writing thrice a week as it will improve your writing skills. You can use the best templates for PTE essay writing that are discussed above. 


Be consistent with your PTE practice, use the best templates for PTE essay writing, and for more guidance register on Alfa PTE to ace your exams. 

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