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What are the Criteria and Eligibility for PTE Exam?

  • Alfa PTE
  • 24 Apr 2021

Foreign education has been a dream of many deserving students. However, to pursue some special skills development and unique degrees, one needs to qualify few specific and respective examinations. One such examination is the PTE exam. 

It is the abbreviation for PEARSON TEST of ENGLISH academic. It is basically a language test. It challenges different mental and physical aspects of the English language in a person. Those physical aspects include reading and writing. 

The cognitive factors involve speaking and listening. The test is conducted through online mode, and sometimes examiners put up questions that may test more than one skill through it. So, here we will discuss PTE exam preparation, the formats, and other entities of the examination. 

Eligibility criteria for the PTE exam: 

The Pearson VUE conducts the PTE academic exam. They are the governing body of the institution which performs the test. They have set up a few ground rules which one should keep in mind before thinking of appearing for the examination.
·        First of all, the PTE VUE that is the convening body of the exam, demands various information from the student. Personal details include name, address, sex, gender, parental information, age, and many other things.
·        There is no restriction on the basis of age for an adult student for appearing in a PTE academic exam. But if you are below 18 years of age, then the governing body of the PTE exam, that is, the PTA VUE, asks for a document as a sign of approval from the parent's end towards their respective child's decision of appearing for a PTE exam. Students, who are either 16 years old or above are eligible to sit for the examination,.
·        Thirdly, the governing committee also wants to record the students' grades and marks in earlier exams, such as the boards and higher boards. But there is an important fact which needs to be known. Clearing a PTE exam will not let the student seek admission to the PTE VUE as per guidelines. For admission to the PTE VUE, there are certain other rules and regulations which need to be followed.

The PTE Test Format:  

The PTA academic test has a unique format compared to other competitive texts and exams. The PTE academic test contains 20 questions in total. Those questions test your speaking and writing skills, reading skills, and listening abilities. 

All questions are different from each other. There are sample PTE exam question papers available that will help a student for PTE exam preparation.
There are no limitations for appearing in the said exam. It is conducted throughout the year and at least about 5-6 times per month and sometimes even more. 

If a student suddenly gets to know about the exam at the last moment and wants to appear, then he/she can if it is 24 hours before the exam time. For that, the student must deposit an additional late charge with the exam fee.

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