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Best Approach to Score 79+ in PTE Examination

  • Alfa PTE
  • 16 Jan 2022

It is a dream for every student or person who wants to settle down in Australia to score the highest required bands in the PTE examination. Scoring anything between 50 – 65 marks is comparatively an easy task but getting a 79+ score in the test appears to be a difficult task!

There are innumerable PTE tips & tricks to achieving your desired score. Along with the tips, strong determination and willingness are needed to get high marks. Let us get to know some tips!

Get Clear with the PTE Test Format and Tips & Tricks

Before diving into the ocean of PTE tips & tricks, it is very critical for every PTE student to understand the exam pattern properly and have a complete understanding of the question pattern and structure, to achieve the desired score of 79+ in the exam.

In the PTE exam, there are some questions that focus on grammar, writing, and interpretation. Get a better picture of tasks. Many tasks are interrelated, and marks of these task types will affect any of the other modules.

Understand each and every type of task and also know about the weightage of each task. This will help you in focusing on the tasks that need more attention.

  • Practice Makes the Score Perfect!

It is rightly said, practice makes a man perfect! The more you practice the higher your score will be. As the tasks are interrelated, therefore practicing for each task type thoroughly will get you better overall marks.

  • Attempt Mock Tests

There are ample of PTE practice portals available out there in the marker to practice. And the PTE mock tests are a great way to ace your listening, speaking, and writing skills. Attempting only one or two of these mock tests is not called good practice. If your goal is to achieve a 79+ score, try to attempt as many tests as possible, and buff up your skills.

  • Practice for Each Skill!

Exam tasks such as re-tell lectures and describe images PTE demand excellent listening & observational skills respectively. Try to listen to news or any other audio source. It will benefit you in improving your concentration and listening abilities.

Pronunciation is crucial if you want to achieve a score of 79 or higher on the PTE exam. Read a lot & try to be as clear and crisp as possible. Some of the most critical foundations for attaining a high score are grammar and vocabulary. Make sure you develop a good vocabulary and work on your spellings. Do not make any spelling mistakes.

  • Time Management is the Key!

Managing time in the PTE exam seems to be the biggest nightmare for most of students. When you learn to give the required time to each task in the test, you’ve already won the half battle! PTE practice portals can give you a similar kind of experience so that you can learn time management & develop it before the actual exam.

Wrapping Up!

When you know the exam pattern very well, try & practice a lot as this helps you develop the skills and ultimately pushes you closer to your target. Knowing how to ace time management can surely assist you in achieving your desired score!

Know your strengths and weaknesses and practice harder on them. Gear up for your PTE exam with our PTE tips & tricks to achieve your dream score!

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