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Fundamentals Tips to Score High in all Sections of PTE Academic

  • Alfa PTE
  • 06 Feb 2023

Pearson’s Test of English, sometimes known as the PTE, is one of the most commonly used English language proficiency tests. This exam is taken by hundreds of thousands of people from all over the globe every year to demonstrate that they have the sufficient English language ability to study, work, or settle in another country.

If you are here to prepare for PTE, you have arrived at the right spot. If one of your goals is to get a good score on the PTE Speaking exam, Alfa PTE offers a complete solution to your needs. We are aware that taking the PTE academic mock test might be nerve-wracking.

Because of this, we will be providing you with several helpful speaking suggestions in this article so that you may succeed on the PTE exam. Test takers should combine the strategies presented in this article with the English language training tools offered to get the best possible results on the PTE Academic mock test.

Tips to Score High in all Sections of PTE Academic

  • Keep your confidence up

The first and most important thing you must do is to speak clearly & fluently. When you talk, it must be visible that you are sure of yourself & are speaking in a confident tone. You can do this by speaking clearly and paying attention to how you say things during your responses. 

You must stay calm, maintain a decent pitch & keep talking at a constant speed. Whatever you want to say, you should say it in a very clear way. If you do things this way, you will have a better chance of getting a higher score on the speaking part.

  • Take careful notes

Participants in the test can write down the most important ideas and words they hear in the erasable notebook. As you write down the information, ensure you only write down the most important facts. You won't save time by trying to write long sentences. Instead, you'll save time by using short forms or acronyms.

Focus on repeating what you heard during the lecture or try to say whatever you are able to see in the image in front of you. You will be allowed to look at the picture & prepare for 25 seconds before the recorder starts. After doing these exercises, candidates will develop a deep understanding of paying attention on the image or taking notes during the lecture. 

You will only have 40 seconds to complete these tasks. Participants in the exam need to make good use of the time provided. Try to say the right things so that you do not need to correct yourself or say the same thing more than once. 

Make sure your thoughts and words are clear & aligned. While also making sure what you are saying is clear. When you think clearly, you can organise your thoughts in a way that makes sense, show that you can understand, and ensure you're getting your point across. Because of this, you won't feel any mental pressure and will have better scores.

  • Time management 

Time management is crucial as it plays a big role in the PTE academic mock tests. Candidates are strongly encouraged to finish their tasks within the allotted time limit since doing so will improve their scores. No matter if you made a mistake or not, keep going. If you stop recording for more than three seconds, the recording will stop, and you won't be able to start again.