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Proven Tips & Tricks for PTE’s Describe Image

  • Alfa PTE
  • 17 Feb 2022

One of the easiest scoring tasks in the PTE Academic Test is describing images but leaning back and careless thinking will not get you through this task.

It is wisely said, “Thinking will not overcome fear, but action will!”

So, we are here to conquer every corner when it comes to the session of describe image PTE. You might know a few strategies, but here we will tell you exactly how to apply them. You can surely try the ones that work the best for you.

What is PTE Describe Image?

This section analyses how best you can look at an image and grasp what it speaks. You need to quickly scan through whatever image is shown to you and decide what to say. Keep in mind that you need to speak on this question-type, so you must come up with as many points as you can.

What does Describe Image PTE Include?

There are various types of images:

  • Bar/line graph
  • Table
  • Map
  • Pie chart/flow chart
  • Venn diagram
  • Photo

You must look at these types of pictures and find as much relevant information as you can so that you feel confident when you walk into this section of the exam.

What to Mention from the Image?

  • Title
  • Key points or information
  • Any additional information
  • Conclusion

Fruitful tips that can help you ace the PTE’s Describe Image section

  • Don't use filler words like "uh", "good", "uh". These words decrease your fluency and results in a low score. You want to sound confident and that means only using the words that enhance your sentences.
  • Speak for more than 30 seconds & with fluency. Don’t stop to early because if you do that, you might get a penalty, and that will lead to a lesser score.
  • The most important tip for PTE speaking’s describe image is to practice and be ready for spontaneous answers. You can use mock or practice tests to evaluate yourself. These mock tests give you a chance to maximize your overall score in the PTE exam.
  • Don’t attempt to add words you don’t understand as concentrating on fluency and pronunciation may be a must. Use words that you confidently pronounce and in the same manner as are displayed in the image. The better you pronounce your words, the better will be your fluency which will ultimately result in a better score.
  • You should speak in complete sentences. Ensure that it makes grammatical sense when you are speaking. You also need to use proper intonation and pronunciation in your speech. Try to sound like a native speaker.

Wrap up:

Practice is what PTE’s describe image demands. Make sure you practice this describe image section well before the test day. Connect with our platform and get a thorough idea of what your test looks like. The practice tests & mock tests give you a feel of the real exam. Improve your speaking responses by practicing with these tips every time. All the best!