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Reasons to Choose PTE Exam over other English Tests

  • Alfa PTE
  • 15 Jan 2021

Students aiming to apply for higher studies abroad, employees looking for overseas job opportunities or migration aspirants have to go through the English proficiency test before they can qualify for the desired visa. 

There are many exams like PTE, IELTS, TOEFL etc. which are specially devised to check the English competency of international applicants in an English-speaking country.

However, one of the most popular and sorted after the exam is the PTE Academic (Pearson’s Test of English). There are many reasons why PTE has grabbed the limelight. 

If you have already attempted the PTE practice testyou must be aware why PTE Academic gets thousands of registrations every year from candidates all over the world. 

Today let us dig in a little deeper and look into the various factors that make PTE academic the most chosen exam over other English proficiency tests.

  • Unbiased and Impartial Scoring System:

PTE Academic is a computer-based test with no human intervention at any stage. Scored by an AI program, PTE scoring system is one of the most unbiased and impartial methods of marking. 

Moreover, since the evaluation is done by a computerized bot, there is no place for any sentimental grudge or humanity grounds. 

If you practice with PTE practice test and give the right answer, you will get full marks which are easier to attain unlike other English tests like IELTS which is evaluated by humans. 

  • Easy Registration and Quick Results:

Registration for the PTE Academic and study materials such as PTE practice test is readily available online. The online application is easier to file as a lot of time is saved from waiting in the queue or roaming around with the mandatory documents. 

Furthermore, the PTE results are declared as soon as within five working days. The result can be digitally sent to any educational institution or professional workplace instantly and without any additional cost.

  • Better Chances of Scoring Higher:

English competency exams assess your skills in Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening modules. Other English competency exams like IELTS comprises 5 main questions with each question evaluating for one particular module. 

So, if you are weak in reading (for example), you might lose all the marks in that section. Thus, even if you perform well in other sections, your overall score gets reduced. 

PTE practice test replicates the PTE questionnaire which consists of 20 different types of questions with most of them giving partial credit for 2 modules. 

So, even if you are struggling with reading for a question, you can still score partial marks for listening or speaking. This is a massive advantage over IELTS because it’s easier to compensate for the loss of marks during the test. 

  • Innumerable opportunities to identify your strength with PTE practice test:

PTE gives numerous opportunities for the test takers to secure their desired score for a particular section. Efficient strategies, online practice tests & mock tests can help you identify your strength and utilize it to achieve a higher score in PTE Academic. 

PTE Academic is tough but easier than other English competency exams. With the right tricks and consistent practice, PTE could be the best choice for your future endeavors. 

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