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Importance of Mock Tests in PTE

Just like any other academic examination, the Pearson Test for English (PTE) can become really complicated and difficult without the right guidance. Since PTE is especially designed to test the English language proficiency of non-native English speakers who wish to migrate to an English speaking country, the question paper is set keeping in mind the level of difficulty a candidate might face while communicating with the native citizens of the country.

AlfaPTE inspires and guides every candidate preparing to take the PTE test with a variety of free PTE mock test which will help the participants to achieve a higher score in the real PTE exam.

However, the internet is filled with numerous free and downloadable PTE study materials, then why would you choose AlfaPTE?

Here is the answer to your Why:

AlfaPTE offers PTE practice test with AI scoring facility that provides guidance and benefits to your PTE preparation such as:

AI evaluates your English pronunciation and speaking fluency

Checks your knowledge of grammar and spelling

Scores and analyzes your answers in individual sections

Blended with PTE predictions, the AI only includes those questions in the mock test that are essential and have highest probability of repetition.

Your result is synced across web applications and apps to access conveniently

You can familiarize yourself with the actual PTE exam format

Learn strategies to score higher in the real PTE test

You can review your mock test answers

Train yourself in effective time management skills

Benefits of AlfaPTE’s mock tests & study material

1. Updated and Real Course Material

Your performance in the real PTE exam is can improve multifold when you practice on common and repeated questions appearing in the real exam. AlfaPTE is always updated with the latest questions to understand the current trend of questions and subsequently change the PTE practice and mock tests to accommodate only the important and predictable questions. Thus, where the internet is filled with outdated material, AlfaPTE offers authentic and real course material.

2. PTE mock test with Instant Score card

The course material offered by AlfaPTE is intertwined with the Artificial Intelligence algorithm which handles, manages and conducts the whole process of mock tests without any human interference. So, you can instantly get to know your score and along with that the sections where you need to work harder.

3. Neutral Score without Human Intervention

Since our tests are expertly controlled and evaluated using AI scoring systems, the scores you obtain on each of the test modules are unbiased, impartial and away from any human manipulation. Thus, the score you achieve is in accordance with what you answer. It helps participants to know their area of weakness and work on them individually.

4. Speech Analysis with AI experts

Our AI scoring is programmed to analyze your speech quality, pronunciation and fluency and give a score depending on your performance in each criterion. So, if you have a poor score in English speaking, you can watch our PTE Strategy Videos or contact our expert trainers to practice speaking and improve your performance to achieve a better and higher score.

5. Writing Analysis

Our AI analysis considers your writing ability depending on your content, grammar, spelling, sentence construction skills, and general linguistic range. The analyzed data can be used by the participants to know about their strengths in various skills.

6. Self-Study Vlogs

AlfaPTE has built an online library which has many self-study vlogs and pro tips and strategy materials to help students to know the latest testing practices and PTE information. Our digital library is also available in dark mode to facilitate night-time reading.

7. Tips and Strategies to Score Higher

Even after practicing and repeating questions, many candidates find it difficult to crack the real PTE exam because of lack of confidence, effective time management skills and confusion about the right answers. So, apart from a digital self-study platform and updated mock and practice sessions, AlfaPTE also includes many essential yet easy tips and tricks to achieve a higher performance score in the real PTE test. Depending on the score you get in the individual sections of the mock test, the AI experts give useful tips to enhance your performance, excel the module and obtain a much higher score.

Why Choose AlfaPTE for PTE Predictions?

Time is the most valuable thing when you undergo a test. So, AlfaPTE saves your time by eliminating all unnecessary questions from our practice test. Continuously upgrading ourselves with the latest PTE questions, we have a PTE prediction-based mock test that includes only those questions and answers which have the highest probability to appear in the future PTE exam.

With our predictions, you can find a lot of common questions in the real test and thus, achieve a higher score easily and effortlessly.


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