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Practice PTE Exam for the UK: Free Online Resources with Artificial Intelligence Scoring

The UK is one of the most amazing places for traveling, studying, and working. The United Kingdom is known for its attractive architecture, scenic views, highest education standards, and more. Students from across the world prefer to study in the UK to get excellent career opportunities in the top Universities. Based on a report, there were about 37,500 students from India applied for study Visas in the year 2020.

Normally, students from abroad are required to undertake Language Proficiency Tests before applying for a Student Visa in such countries. The UK is known for popular Universities such as the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge etc. Students are required to score in PTE for UK also known as PTE UKVI for the purpose of getting a student visa.

Pearson’s Test of English Exam - PTE Academic UKVI

Pearson’s Test of English or PTE is an English Language Proficiency test conducted by Pearson. The exam is to be undertaken by students to prove their English language abilities. More than 98% of the Universities in the UK accept PTE Score. The minimum score requirements would vary from one college or university to another.

AlfaPTE is a leading practice platform for students appearing for PTE Academic or PTE UKVI. An Australia-based e-learning provider has developed this platform. AlfaPTE.com provides free PTE Practice Test with a unique Artificial Intelligence Scoring that will provide you with highly accurate results.

Unlocks More Opportunities for PTE Exam for UK

Along with the UK universities, the Pearson’s PTE exam is also accepted by the office of UK Visas & Immigration to issue Work Visas. Many industries or sectors also accept the PTE Scores enabling the potential candidates to submit their scores to the institutions within a few clicks. With PTE being accepted in the UK, it unlocks more opportunities for the students who would like to study there.

There are about 250+ PTE test centers available which are spread across the world. It is convenient for the students to take the test in a nearby center. These tests are graded by the AI so there will be no scope for any biasness or human error. For scoring, handwriting or cancellations will not be taken into account as the exam is conducted on a computer. The score will be depending on user’s responses only.

Results for PTE are generated within 5 working days & are made available directly to the candidates on the PTE website. PTE has introduced various types or versions of the exam such as PTE Academic, PTE Essential & PTE UKVI.

PTE for UK Work Visa

Home Office-approved SELT or Secure English Language Tests for Visas require 4 skills of the language to be tested. They are fair and the most convenient option available for anyone who is looking to study or work in the UK.

The SELT involves proving one’s language proficiency, which is important for applying for UK Visas as well as Immigration (UKVI) for non-European Union (EU) citizens. Normally, the PTE for UKVI is a test measure for the applicant’s ability to comprehend English as per the visa requirements.

Pearson has introduced two types of SELT - Pearson PTE Home & Pearson PTE Academic UKVI. PTE UKVI is taken at a Pearson’s approved test center. These are computer-based tests, with listening and speaking components provided to the candidates.

Taking the SELT Test for the UKVI is a suitable, reliable and a secure option for applicants as these tests are taken at their convenience & are accurate for assessing the English language proficiency of these applicants. Test results are quick, consistent and accurate. The PTE Academic UKVI is an important requirement for the Work Visa and Study Visa. These require the 4-skill assessments viz.:

  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Listening

For Study Visas:

Students can choose the PTE Academic UKVI for
  • Applying for a student visa
  • Planning to go for foundation pathway courses or professional English courses
  • Planning to study at a degree level or above
  • Listening

For Work Visas:

Candidates can choose the PTE Academic UKVI when applying for the following Work visas:
  • Health and Care Worker visa
  • Skilled worker visa
  • Investor visa
  • Innovator visa

PTE Score for Different Programs:

Hope you have already decided which college to apply for? You will need to score the required marks for the appropriate courses, which include:
  • Post Graduate degree requires scores between 57 and 67
  • Under Graduate degrees requires scores between 51 and 60
  • Foundation courses require scores between 36 and 50
Minimum score requirements for the top universities in the UK are higher when compared to the set criteria with PTE accepted in UK.

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Is PTE UKVI Different from PTE Academic?

Normally, there won’t be a major difference between the PTE Academic and PTE Academic UKVI. The format of the test will be pretty much the same with minor differences here and there in the whole test process.

The Pearson PTE Academic UKVI is a great option for those who want to settle in the UK. PTE is accepted by 99% of the UK universities, and these are suitable for UK Visa and Immigration applications. You can choose the PTE whether you are looking to work, study or live in the UK.

Best Student Practice Platform:

AlfaPTE is the ultimate student practice platform for those who are looking to appear in the PTE exam. Are you applying for the PTE for UK work visa? If so, then AlfaPTE is the best platform for practicing to achieve long-term success. It will help you to reach the road to your future. 

Students can easily access the best materials on this portal with regular updates of the real exam questions. This platform is one of the best available options for you to discover yourself and learn everything you need to appear for the PTE exam. The website is powered by a super-efficient AI scoring system, that will help you reach your target by providing you a clearer picture of your performance.

Full and Sectional Tests:

Are you looking for the PTE Full Tests, Sectional Mock Tests or Practice Tests to up-skill yourself before the exam? AlfaPTE brings you a free portal which enables you to practice and provides you with highly accurate results. The PTE for UK mock tests is a highly reliable option to improve your skills and proficiency in the English language required for PTE. These include Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. 

Normally, these PTE mock tests are an excellent option for assessing one’s performance before the actual exam. It also allows the students to improve themselves in the weaker areas. AlfaPTE also provides you with their unique and accurate sectional tests. 

You can practice for the PTE exam for UK on AlfaPTE’s practice platform & mobile app. Alfa PTE’s scoring involves AI algorithms with 95% accuracy in comparison with the PTE scores. Our platform assures you of providing the best practice material with highly accurate AI scoring.

Why Choose AlfaPTE for PTE Predictions?

Time is the most valuable thing when you undergo a test. So, AlfaPTE saves your time by eliminating all unnecessary questions from our practice test. Continuously upgrading ourselves with the latest PTE questions, we have a PTE prediction-based mock test that includes only those questions and answers which have the highest probability to appear in the future PTE exam.

With our predictions, you can find a lot of common questions in the real test and thus, achieve a higher score easily and effortlessly.

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