Refund / Cancellation Policy

Thanks for registering on Alfa PTE.

All the products / services that we offer on our website comes with free trial of each of them. Given the nature of digital goods, it becomes very difficult for us to offer a refund or credit on a purchase.

Hence, we advise users to first go for the free trials of the below-mentioned products / services for their satisfaction:

However, we do understand that there could sometime a situation arise where the user would want to cancel the purchase & get a refund. For such an instance, we offer a cancellation & 100% refund where the user will need to intimate us within 30 minutes of making the purchase. The following need to be taken care off while proceeding for cancellation/refund:

It is understood that user has gone through the refund & cancellation policy provided on & has agreed to it before proceeding with the payment.